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Founders Hub is the investment arm of the Sopro Group. It is here that we work with the UK’s most exciting start-up and scale-up businesses, nurturing their growth through two formal programmes, both lasting 18-24 months:


The Incubate Programme works with business founders at the very early stage of their journey. In some cases, they simply have a vision and the facts to back it up. Others have formed a business that is just beginning to gain traction.

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The Accelerate Programme is for more established businesses that want to get to the next level. Our team works with these businesses to create and implement a business plan that will scale up your business.

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Does your business website actually engage visitors and drive sales?

There are a lot of poorly designed websites out there, but we’ve also seen beautiful websites that we know can’t be driving engagement and sales. Before your launch or rehaul your website, read this. While the buying of land in the upcoming virtual reality Metaverse may currently be out of reach for your start-up business, […]

byKit Smith August 10, 2022

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A guide to proof of concept

Everything great about your business started with an idea.    Everything from your company’s name to its branding and logo to the products and services it sells. All of it begins with that spark of inspiration. But it goes without saying that not every idea we have in business is worthy of being put into […]

byLily Ruaah July 29, 2022

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Why web developers are not designers: How to build your startup website

Apple’s legendary co-founder Steve Jobs once said: “Design isn’t just what it looks like and feels like – design is how it works.” When you are building your startup’s website, nothing could be closer to the truth. Remember this mantra – because it’s really important: web developers are not designers.    It’s very rare to […]

byLily Ruaah July 26, 2022

About Us

Long-time friends Ryan Welmans and Rob Harlow founded Sopro in 2015 with the sole aim of modernising email lead generation to provide reliable, cost-effective lead flow.

But as Sopro’s customer base grew, they connected with hundreds of startups and founders. Most were going through business challenges common to many startups, and which Sopro is in a unique position to help.

So while Sopro was growing to 200 employees and being named Campaign Magazine’s Tech Company of the year, Ryan and Rob were busy behind the scenes. They invested in a select group of businesses and used Sopro’s systems, expertise and resources to create a low-cost sales pipeline and build better digital systems and platforms.

With several successful ventures behind them, the founders developed a formal accelerator programme and created the Founders Hub, a social platform for entrepreneurs and Founders to come together and share knowledge, resources and pitch for investment.

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