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Our group of brands include over 200 subject matter experts, each united by the desire to help businesses sell more. As a team, we are committed to making Founders Hub the world’s best platform for founders.

Our history

Long-time friends Ryan Welmans and Rob Harlow founded Sopro in 2015 with the sole aim of modernising email lead generation to provide reliable, cost-effective lead flow.

But as Sopro’s customer base grew, they connected with hundreds of startups and founders. Most were going through business challenges common to many startups, and which Sopro is in a unique position to help.

So while Sopro was growing to 200 employees and being named Campaign Magazine’s Tech Company of the year, Ryan and Rob were busy behind the scenes. They invested in a select group of businesses and used Sopro’s systems, expertise and resources to create a low-cost sales pipeline and build better digital systems and platforms.

With several successful ventures behind them, the founders developed a formal accelerator programme and created the Founders Hub, a social platform for entrepreneurs and Founders to come together and share knowledge, resources and pitch for investment.

Our founders

Like many good ideas, Founders Hub was born out of a genuine need. Ryan and Rob were keen to talk to and learn from other founders, but despite 15,000 LinkedIn followers, their conversations felt one-sided, with lots of posts and little interaction.

So, they created Founders Hub, a platform for entrepreneurs to learn from one another and receive free advice from subject experts in all the right places; strategy, brand, product design, strategic partnerships, sales, marketing, publicity, communications, data, leadership, mentoring, talent, finance and fundraising. Stronger together.

Our team

In seven years, we have grown to well over 300 team members, with experts in tech, data science, artificial intelligence, compliance, copywriting, marketing, sales, and of course, prospecting itself.

We are an entrepreneurial business with sales at the heart. Our team of experts are a hub of passion, creativity and technical brilliance.

And we’re here to help your business reach the next level.

So when we say our team, we really mean your team.

Our experience

Here are just a few of Sopro Group’s recent achievements.