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The Founders Hub Power Programme

We started the Power Programme in 2019 to give founders the edge. Since then, we’ve perfected the formula to create a 24 month programme to turn new ideas into successful business and scale up businesses that need an extra oomph.

What’s in it for us?

We take a share of your venture in return for our investment in your business. If you grow we gain. And if you don’t, then we lose.

What’s in it for You?

In addition to £100,000 of services to take your business to the next level, you’ll receive support from a team of subject specialist mentors and join a community of like-minded businesses to partner and grow with.

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Our Founders

Syra Marshall

CTO & Co-founder


“Working with Founders Hub has been a great experience. They've been there every step of the way: through project management, development resources and financial support to commercial strategy and marketing. Wonderful (and fun!) talks about what extra features are needed, finding edge cases, and planning extensions for the future. Having been involved in the tech start up community around the UK for nearly a decade now, I can confidently and happily say that Founders Hub have been some of the best, most grounded people I've worked with: they get things done.”

Dominic Maxwell



“What can I say… faster, better, and (let’s be honest) far more effective than we could have imagined. From building our initial website, through defining, developing and launching our tech platform… managing finance, even our marketing was taken care of. A great team. Here’s to many more years working together!”

Barry Sheldrake

Managing Director


“The perfect mix of experience and energy. A truly great partnership.”

Oliver West

Service Designer


“We had clear plans from day 1. Working with Founders Hub gave Minglur access to product experts, commercial guidance, digital marketing, technical planning, finance and even admin support… meaning we could concentrate on our natural strengths; building and scaling an awesome service.”

Fergus Parker



“For any business that is looking to dramatically accelerate their growth Founders Hub have the resources, know-how and track record to deliver. They have a team that will genuinely care about your business as if it was their own. It has been a great experience that has already tripled the size of our organisation this year.”

Kevin Rowe



“Every business needs a driver… and working with the Founders Hub is like driving with SatNav. The directions were clear from day one and our early growth plans were well resourced and well executed. We took the shortest path from inception to profitability and (unexpectedly) exited successfully in our second year of trading. I have no hesitation recommending Founders Hub as a proven growth agent, the team bring bags of experience and hard-to-believe levels of dedication to the table. ”

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