Our Peter Jones Foundation mentees have been chosen

We’ve collaborated with the Peter Jones Foundation to offer six selected Founders Hub members to be partnered with a mentor.

When you’re running a business, mentorship can be an invaluable tool. The support from founder to founder in our community can be a fantastic help to entrepreneurs but having 121 dedicated mentors can take you that one step further. 

Let’s celebrate our successful applicants: 

Oana Jinga

Oana Jinga is the COO and Co-Founder of BotsandUs – a data-driven robotics company created as a means to automate everyday, repetitive tasks. 

She’s shown her innovation and determination, so Oana has been selected as one of our Peter Jones Foundation candidates. 

“Being a founder is extremely confusing, lonely and challenging at times (especially as a female in the tech world). I feel I could benefit immensely from learning and bouncing ideas with others who have been through the same experience. It will unlock new opportunities for both personal and business growth.”

Colin Shove

Colin’s Salon SaaS app: The Salon App is an all-in-one system that not only allows customers and clients to organise appointments, it also has:

  • Digital consultation forms
  • A salon marketing suite
  • Leadership board to see how your salon is doing
  • A loyalty reward program so customers can collect points and rewards
  • Salon gift cards

Colin was chosen as his business showed great potential to grow and expand. 

“I am absolutely committed to growing my company quickly and consistently and would be extremely grateful to be able to share my journey.”

Tom Frearson

Be Fearsome promotes physical and nutritional health. Tom Frearson wanted to create a company that focused on people’s well-being whether individually or through their work. 

Tom’s military background lead him to found Be Fearsome, as he wanted to use his skill set to create a business. His determination and strength meant he was an ideal candidate for the Peter Jones foundation.  

“Having been mentored in my career so far until I set up my own business has been the biggest impact on my personal and professional development. I enjoy the mentor relationship and relish being challenged and asked the hard questions. Just as I do for those whom I mentor. I believe the mentor relationship is two way and both parties should learn and develop from it.”

David Buser

David Buser founded Canveo in 2020 – a fully digitised end-to-end platform for managing, creating and negotiating contracts. 

Canveo’s success means the company is growing fast, making David an ideal candidate for the Peter Jones Foundation, as a mentor can help him to manage that expansion and strive for a successful business. 

“If I know one thing, it’s that I (almost) know nothing. My ego is very small, and I am open to listening and making mistakes. I would not try to convince my mentor why what I’m doing is right and has it’s merits. I would simply listen and learn.”

Lauren Gross

The Mesa is a digital community, that helps philanthropic networks and the members they serve connect online and grow together, founded by Lauren Gross. The Mesa helps people help each other.

The social and community value her company has and her innovation led Lauren to be chosen for the Peter Jones Foundation.

“I believe I’d be an excellent mentee because of my constant desire to learn and grow – professionally and personally. I aim to bring my full, authentic self into everything I do, and this means I never take for granted opportunities to develop and build strong relationships. I think this is the foundation to an impactful mentor/mentee relationship. Trust and confidence only comes when two people are willing to put themselves out there and share, and I, as a mentee, will definitely be doing that.”

Peter Kelly

Imployable, founded by Peter Kelly, is a career management tool. It was established in 2017, when Peter left the Royal Marines and found himself challeneged to find work even though he was fully qualified. The app helps people find work even when it seems impossible.

As Imployable grows into their next stage, a mentor can assist Peter on making his company the best it can be.

“We are entering the next phase of our growth, this is going to challenge me as a CEO. It is important that I can grow as my company does to ensure success for the company, staff and shareholders.”

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