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Incubate - Turning a good idea into a
great business

The Power Behind the Programme

We created the Incubate Programme so that we could work with business founders at the very early stage of their business. In some cases, they simply have a vision with the facts and stats to back-up their belief. In other cases, they’ve taken their idea and formed a business that is just beginning to trade or gain traction.

Businesses that we invest in typically have five characteristics:

Likable, credible founders

A B2B business

Scalable through technology

A point of difference to help stand out from the crowd

A brand story that’s unique and genuine

Should you be selected for the Incubate Programme, then our team will work with you to help turn your great idea or young business into a powerful, scalable business.

Typically, that will take 18-24 months, although some of our graduates have made it through quicker. By the time you leave the programme, we hope you’ll have a viable business ready for a new funding round, or one that is capable of standing on its own two feet.

How the Founders Hub Power Programme can help you:
Strategy icon
Align your strategy and plan with your business targets.
System design and build icon
System design and build
Design, build and optimise the perfect system.
Brand icon
Articulating your brand essence to create a memorable brand story takes time and experience. Fortunately we have both.
Website design and build icon
Website design and build
Our talent team of UX specialists, graphic designers and programmers know how to design and build effective websites.
Sales & Marketing icon
Sales & Marketing
We have the expertise to find your ideal customers so that you can sell to them.
Publicity & Communications icon
Publicity & Communications
Telling your brand story to help resonate with your target audience.
Data icon
Systems support to create the insights you need.
Leadership icon
Identify and recruit an effective leadership team.
Mentoring icon
No entrepreneur faces the exact same challenges. We’ll listen to yours, guiding you as you grow.
Strategic Partnership icon
Strategic Partnership
Utilise our network of contacts to gain advantage and drive growth.
The Financials icon
The Financials
Mastering reporting, investment agreements and shareholder comms.
Fundraising icon
Formalising your fundraising strategy. Introducing you to the right investors.

We're Here to Help You Grow

Dominic Maxwell



“What can I say… faster, better, and (let’s be honest) far more effective than we could have imagined. From building our initial website, through defining, developing and launching our tech platform… managing finance, even our marketing was taken care of. A great team. Here’s to many more years working together!!”

Kevin Rowe

Managing Director


“Every business needs a driver… and working with the Founders Hub is like driving with SatNav. The directions were clear from day one and our early growth plans were well resourced and well executed. We took the shortest path from inception to profitability and (unexpectedly) exited successfully in our second year of trading. I have no hesitation recommending Founders Hub as a proven growth agent, the team bring bags of experience and hard-to-believe levels of dedication to the table.“

Kristan Polley

Managing Director


"As any business owner will know, the support network you surround yourself in is vital to success. So to have Founders Hub be that entire support bubble has been quite literally the only reason we have been able to grow and succeed to the level we have. To gain access to their extensive resources and amazing people, as if it’s another arm of your own team or work force, has been a game changer to our growth, revenue and future prospects."

Matthew Cooper


Hopper Video

“At Hopper we had a proof of concept, initial clients and revenue, however were struggling to scale. Over the past 18 months we've rebuilt the entire platform, explored new markets and really nailed down the proposition. Which ultimately has resulted in a far bigger and more scalable business with an increasing number of happy clients both live and in the pipeline.”

Lars Hellestrae


Sales Agents UK

“That we got Founders Hub as a partner is the best thing that has happened to Sales Agents Ltd. Because of their resources and expertise progress has accelerated at a pace that we would never achieve without them.”

Stephen Craine


Sales Agents UK

“Founders Hub are the perfect partner to take your business from start-up, through scale-up, to a position of strength where you have a choice of positive options for the future. We received valuable resources and great advice when required, while still having overall control of all decisions. A journey we would highly recommend. “

How It Works


We work with new ideas and new businesses every day. We know a good idea when we see one. So tell us about yours.


If we think we can add value to your idea, then we'll set up a video call for a chat, and if appropriate, offer you some helpful tips on what would need to be covered in a pitch.


We invite you to come and pitch to us. Take us through your vision and your business plan


Congratulations! You're invited to our incubate programme. There are terms and timelines to agree before you can access the resources and support on offer.


When you sign up we invest a minimum of £100,000 of services to build your business and help you get your company registered.

Power On

Our start-up and business growth experts have been there, done that and still have the t-shirt in their wardrobe. Welcome to your go-to team who will power your growth and add value to your bottom line.

What’s on Your Mind?

The  Founders Hub power programme was devised by serial entrepreneurs Rob Harlow and Ryan Welmans to help them speed up the growth of SoPro, their first joint venture. Since then they have evolved the programme so that it can support existing ventures as well as new ideas.

No. Whilst B2B ventures our are specialty, our team does have considerable B2C experience. So if you have a great B2C idea then we are all ears.

So far, all of our power programme businesses have involved digital technology. They typically fall in to one of these areas: 

  • Digital Tech – Networking, Data / AI, Cybersecurity and privacy.
  • Digital Cities – Mobility, City Analytics, Safety.
  • Digital Industry – Logistics, Production, Retail.
  • Digital Well being – Healthy youth, Occupational health, Independent living,
  • Digital finance – Retail banking & insurance, Asset management and Corporate financial services.

Designed for founders with new ideas and not much more. Under the watchful eye of an experienced coach, our 24 month incubate programme will help you turn a good idea in to a thriving business. We’ll help you build your sales and marketing capability, testing your proposition and evolving your messaging, helping you identify the growth blockers so that we can switch the engines to turbo charge.

Designed for businesses that need some serious oomph. Our accelerate programme is designed to help businesses punch above their weight and grow quickly. We’ll assign an experienced coach to help the founders identify bottle necks and increase growth, investing in the resources that you need whilst helping you build the right infrastructure to sustain growth.

No. You can apply any time. 

No. The Founders Hub will provide support to you in return for equity in your business, at which point one of the Founders Hub team will become a Director of your business.

Yes. We know that it is important to spend every penny wisely. And for that reason, we’ll offer you some desk space in our fully serviced Brighton offices as well as access to our meeting rooms.

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