2023 update for Founders Hub!

Happy New Year from all of us at Founders Hub. We hope you had a restful Christmas and that 2023 brings you heaps of success. We have some important updates to make you aware of from Founders Hub.

Since we launched Founders Hub, our community has grown from zero to over 3000 business leaders, and we’ve learned a lot since. We’ve seen where we excel, and worked with phenomenal partners to support us where needed.

Founders Hub has always been about delivering value to our community. Naturally, a great deal of community value and engagement resides in the Founders Hub Slack channels. However, we’ve long been committed to delivering a greater share of our value through the resources, features and tools available in the Founders Hub platform.

Behind the scenes, Sopro (parent co.) has a brilliant team of skilled developers supporting Founders Hub. Sopro brings a tech firm mentality and the desire and capability to build platforms to solve problems. In partnership, the Disruptive Thinking team has been critical to providing the community-building and comms experience needed to knit the community together as elegantly as they have to date.

We’re determined to keep the Founders Hub community membership free. With this, we’re making some changes to our operating model and investment framework as follows:

The team at Disruptive Thinking will acquire the Founders Hub Slack community from Sopro and as a wholly owned interest, will invest in building out the great connections already built with the 600+ founders in the Slack community.

  • The Slack brand name will change to the Daily Disruptor Network
  • Slack will be removed from the Founders Hub web portal and onboarding journey

There will be:

  • Content and Q&A sessions with industry experts
  • Regular member networking events both online and offline
  • Investor pitch/demo days and competitions

Sopro will continue to own the Founders Hub brand and platform and commits to accelerated investment to include:

  • Enhanced profiles
  • Business growth framework and trackers
  • A full platform for company growth
  • Startup analytics – offering insights into how you stack up against other companies at the same stage
  • A continuing array of tools designed to help boost your business growth

A big thank you for being on this journey with us so far. If you have any questions at all about these changes, please feel free to get in touch.

Rob, Ryan, and the Founders Hub team