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The Founders Hub Investment Programme

Looking for investment in your business?

We help start ups of all sizes grow and thrive.

If you have a great idea and burning passion.
Or you’ve sketched a logo and started coding in your garage.
Or you’ve signed your first customers but are struggling to scale … we can help you fulfil your potential.

The Founders Hub Investment Programme has been designed to supercharge businesses - providing the experience, resources and strategic advice they need to grow and thrive.

We have an army of subject experts, led by a team of experienced founders and entrepreneurs, that provide the expertise you need, no matter how far along your journey you are.

Expertise in every field

We have an army of experts. It means we can tailor our investment programmes to exactly match what each business needs to get to that next level.

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Align your strategy and plan with your business targets.

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System design and build

Design, build and optimise the perfect system.

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Distil your brand essence to create a memorable brand story.

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Website design and build

Build a new website using our team of UX specialists, graphic designers and programmers.

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Sales and marketing

Identify, reach and connect with your ideal customers, and sell to them more effectively.

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Publicity and communications

Telling and selling your story so the brand resonates with your target audience.

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Systems support to create the insights you need.

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Identify and recruit an effective leadership team.

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No entrepreneur faces the exact same challenges. We’ll listen to yours, guiding you as you grow.

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Strategic partnership

Utilise our network of contacts to gain an advantage and drive growth.

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Mastering reporting, investment agreements and shareholder comms.

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Formalising your fundraising strategy. Introducing you to the right investors.

Incubate or accelerate?

Our investment programme has been built to suit a wide range of founders.


Designed for founders with new ideas and not much more, the Incubator investment programme will help you turn a good idea into a thriving business.

Under the watchful eye of an experienced coach, we’ll work together to build a bespoke 24-month programme, tailored to your specific situation.

By the time you leave the programme, our aim is for you to have a viable business ready for a new funding round, or one that is capable of standing on its own two feet.


Designed for young businesses that need a boost, the Accelerate Programme helps start ups punch above their weight and grow quickly.

With the help of an experienced coach, we’ll work together to build a bespoke 24-month programme, tailored to increase your growth, invest in the right resources and build the right infrastructure.

By the time you leave the programme, our aim is for your business to have taken the next step in its growth journey.

Businesses that we invest in typically have five characteristics:

B2B businesses

Likable, credible founders

Scalable through technology

A point of difference to help them stand out from the crowd

A brand story that’s unique and genuine

The application process

  • Apply
    If you’ve got a winning business idea, we want to hear from you. We work with new businesses every day, so we know a good idea when we see one. Tell us about yours.
  • Validate
    If we think we can add value to your idea, we'll set up a video call for a chat. If it’s appropriate, we’ll offer some tips on what you would need to cover in a pitch.
  • Pitch
    We invite you to come and pitch to us. Take us through your vision and business plan.
  • Strategy day
    All businesses are different, and we will work with you for a day to get under the skin of where we can help you grow.
  • Offer
    You're invited to join the Incubate Programme. Terms and timelines are agreed before you can access the resources and support.
  • Unlock
    When you sign up we invest a minimum of £100,000 of services to build your business and help you get your company registered.

Power On

Our start-up and business growth experts are your go-to team who will power your growth and add value to your bottom line.

Frequently asked questions

The original growth programme was devised by serial entrepreneurs Rob Harlow and Ryan Welmans to help them speed up the growth of Sopro, their first joint venture. The programme has since evolved into the Founders Hub Investment Programme: there is now a team of 200+ experts, and the associated experience and ability to tailor the programme to support new ideas or existing ventures.

No. Whilst B2B ventures are our speciality, our team does have considerable B2C experience. So if you have a great B2C idea and we think we can add value, we’re excited to get talking.

So far, all of our investment programme businesses have involved digital technology. They typically fall into one of these areas:

  • Digital Tech – Networking, Data / AI, Cybersecurity and privacy.
  • Digital Cities – Mobility, City Analytics, Safety.
  • Digital Industry – Logistics, Production, Retail.
  • Digital Wellbeing – Healthy youth, Occupational health, Independent living,
  • Digital finance – Retail banking & insurance, Asset Management and Corporate financial services.

No. You can apply any time.

Yes. We know that it is important to spend every penny wisely. And for that reason, we’ll offer you some desk space in our fully serviced Brighton offices as well as access to our meeting rooms.

Here’s a few things to consider while you’re waiting, so you can prepare for when the investor gets in touch to take things forward. Click here to find out more.