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Free Half Day User Research Workshop

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Invotra Consulting

+44 20 3789 2900

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  • Research and development
  • IT

We work closely with organisations large and small across the UK to design and build new digital platforms that combine business objectives with the needs of their end users. We have a proven methodology that has been used across 150+ projects to help organisation design and build new platforms, or simply improve and evolve existing platforms that no longer fit the bill.

Our passion is people and creating inclusive experiences for everything, especially those that require assistive technologies such as screen readers or magnifiers. We have a team of amazing people that can certainly help you.

Every project starts with research and data analysis, and we would be happy to offer you a half-day (3 hour) virtual or face-to-face workshop with one of our Consultants to help understand the challenge you’re facing, and provide you with their expert opinion and approach to how they would solve the issue.

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