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We’ve recently been chatting to more charities and community foundations about some of the challenges they struggle with when it comes to digital. A common problem is charities have great stories to tell and amazing ideas they’d like to do online, but are unable to execute on these ideas either creatively or technically, and would need help to do it.

So, to try and help, we provide charities with bespoke, free-of-charge reviews of improvements we feel they can do on their own websites to help increase the experience on their website for their users, and most importantly, try and help them increase online donations.

We call it the Impact Optimiser.

These improvements are things we believe they can do themselves, without relying on outside sources to do it for them, so we’ve attempted to keep them simple, and have even provided code where we can.

We’ve already done Impact Optimisers for charities including Mind, Leeds Community Foundation, County Durham Community Foundation, London Search & Rescue, Sight Savers, Tourettes Action, Let’s Talk About Loss and Alexandra Rose – does your charity need help?

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