Meet our latest investment: Soul Stirrer!

Are those drinks on ice?

I am so excited to announce that Soul Stirrer are now adding our Investment Programme into their mix. Because we’re about to throw the kind of party that will keep the guests talking long after the bar finally closes and the music fades out.

The ultimate cocktail creators, performance artists and event makers are Brighton-based (but ready to dance on any international stage) Soul Stirrer.

And they are also the latest ambitious and passionate start-up to plug into the benefits of our Investment Programme – and we both know that sparks are going to fly.

Soul Stirrer

For the uninitiated, I’ll try and spell out the sort of exciting, creative and inspirational memories that Soul Stirrer will bring to your next event. But, if my plodding prose does not quite arouse those five senses, may I suggest you give the artists themselves a shout – here they are – and let them show you how events should be.

Taking their cocktails incredibly seriously – but always serving them with a sense of fun and a smile – the team create bespoke, themed cocktails that capture the essence of your brand and deliver the life and soul to your party.

Cheers: The Soul Stirrer team shaking things up.

Whether you fancy the thrills (and occasional spills) of mixing your own drinks in a masterclass or sipping back and relax with their cocktail bar service (that literally raises the bar), you’re guaranteed an unforgettable experience in the comfort of your own garden, home, office or venue. Soul Stirrer are experts at creating an impromptu space wherever required to get your party started.

Here’s what they say

Choose your weapon: Soul Stirrer’s incredible range of drinks are as individual and unique as their clients.

The inspiration for Soul Stirrer’s elegant cocktail of business, pleasure and passion came to founder Simeon Gunn back in 2012 – and he hasn’t had a chance to rest on his laurels (pandemic permitting) since 2012.

Here’s what he never ceases to tell me:

‘Every event should be memorable. Full stop.

Except it shouldn’t actually stop. We stir souls and shake cocktails to deliver unforgettable events that combine hospitality, creativity, obsession and passion to create experiences that are talked about long after the party is officially over.’

And here’s what others (who have had the pleasure) are continuing to talk about:

‘The Cocktail Masterclass was epic. We’re a busy team that don’t get to meet regularly, so these breakout sessions are important to us.

I was blown away by Soul Stirrer’s creativity. Every cocktail matched the ethos of our brand, and they were all delicious.

We will be back!’

Thomas Gilbanks, Key Accounts Director, Monster Energy

‘Thanks so much for making our event a success! 

How Soul Stirrer can make and shake such unique Sopro-branded drinks at such short notice is beyond me.  Every cocktail matched our personality perfectly and the event was a party to remember.  

I’m pleased to confirm we have further booked the team for a forthcoming event in our larger Skopje offices (and my plane ticket is already booked!).

Ryan Welmans, CEO, Sopro

Logo in the foam: Sopro love a tipple

Hopefully you can get a sense of why we’re all so excited here at the Founder’s Hub.

The Founder’s Hub Innovation Programme

If you are looking to deliver through dedication, creativity and passion then we are always on the look out for new partners to supercharge and scale with.

As a Founders Hub Entrepreneur in Residence, it is my job to guide and support the founders as they scale their ventures. We’ve been supporting innovative businesses – headed up by some of the loveliest founders you can find – since 2019. Our two 24-month programmes can either turn new ideas into successful companies or power scale-ups into serious contenders.

The small print reads something like:

We provide ongoing support from a team of experienced mentors, £100,000 of services from experts in the areas you need most, and a welcoming community of like-minded businesses to share with and learn from.

Of course, our first focus is not on the detail but on the big picture and the passion that drives it.

Go on, stir our souls.