Introducing the Founders Hub Webinar Exchange

We’re really excited to launch the latest new feature in the Founders Hub portal. Partly because we enjoy adding new gadgets to our Swiss Army Knife of business resources, and partly because it’s a solution to a problem that Sopro, and countless other businesses, have wrestled with for years.

The issue was raised again by early Founders Hub members in recent weeks.  Why is it 10X harder to run a webinar strategy than it should be?

Seriously. When it comes to executing webinars, video or podcast series at scale, small businesses nearly always struggle to recruit the steady stream of expert guests needed to keep content impactful, popular and engaging. 

And we also know that many up and coming webinar guest experts are trying equally hard to get their voices heard on 3rd party webinars and podcasts, but struggle to find and connect with relevant hosts.

With the supply and demand sides of this ecosystem both as frustrated as each other, we decided to launch the Founders Hub Webinar Exchange Program to connect small businesses looking for awesome webinar guests with… you guessed it… awesome webinar guests.

webinar exchange screenshot

How does it work?

Founders Hub by Sopro is a 100% free community. We’ve packed it full of useful resources that young businesses need to grow and take the next step. At the centre of it all is a community of like-minded entrepreneurs supporting each other in a variety of ways.

Members who want to raise their profile and appear on relevant webinars can simply activate their profile on the Webinar Exchange, add a short profile and tag their areas of expertise, and wait for the requests to roll in. Those looking to host webinars can simply browse the list of available experts or search by topic, and make contact via the community Slack forum.

If you are interested in helping crowd-blitz the webinar guest expert challenge then now is the time to get involved.  We’ve just pressed the big green launch button, so if you haven’t already, you’ll need to first register for Founders Hub, then list yourself as a subject expert in the Webinar Exchange area.  

webinar exchange profile screenshot

It’s all free and community members can browse experts and make contact directly. No middleman. Once listed you will periodically receive speaker invites which you are free to review and accept or decline. 

With any luck this free platform solves both sides of the problem in one sitting. The first rule of Founders Hub Webinar Exchange… this is a community support initiative and it must remain 100% free for all parties. See you there.