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All-star Stories: Andy McNulty

Going global - how to scale your business for international expansion


Andy McNulty

CEO & Co-founder - Touch Stay

In the first in our series of expert founder talks hosted by the Founders Hub, we are joined by Touch Stay CEO and Co-Founder Andy McNulty.

We explore how he traded C-Level positions at luxury fashion brands like Gucci and Alexander McQueen to launch an award-winning SaaS company, Touch Stay.

Having taken investment from their customers in 2019, Touch Stay expanded from having around 2,000 properties on their platform to 17,000 today. Andy shares the lessons he learnt along the way and how to set yourself up for success when expanding into new territories and markets.

In this session, you’ll find out about the importance of:

  • Ensuring you have the funds and potential customer base you need to expand internationally
  • Finding the right partners and team members
  • Structuring your business so you can scale
  • Ensuring you’ve done your due diligence
  • Being willing to change direction

About Andy:

Andy is the CEO and Co-founder of Touch Stay, a mobile web app that helps accommodation operators communicate more efficiently with their guests. Taking the form of a digital guidebook, containing all the information a booked guest needs to know about their stay, it reduces their questions and creates a better stay experience. Prior to Touch Stay, Andy held C-level positions in luxury fashion, at brands like Alexander McQueen, Gucci and Victoria Beckham.


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