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Everything you need to know when launching a brand new product or service


Tim Healey

Marketing Director

Launching anything new, whether that’s a product or service, is an exciting time in any business. Any successful launch needs clarity, focus, a framework, and a healthy dose of process.

In this session, we’ll unpack everything you need for a successful launch. Tim will demystify the product/service launch process that underpins it all, distilling your plans into four core pillars to provide a framework for success.

During the session we will:

1. Look at your launch goals – what you’re doing, when and why you’re doing it
2. Find and understand your target customers
3. Review your marketing options and what channels are best for you
4. Plan your launch timeline so you have a clear framework for success

Our aim is for you to come away from this session with clarity and the confidence to launch your new product or service to the world.

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