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All-star Stories: Stefan Avivson

Achieving product market fit


Stefan Avivson

CEO & Founder - BMore Raw

Get a better grip on your product market fit with more raw sales and business development.

Stefan Avivson will teach you how to get more b2b sales in new and existing markets with a better product by using a more raw market approach.

You will learn:

  • How You should approach potential clients
  • How You define an empirical based Core Value Proposition.
  • How you rapidly can achieve product market fit.

About Stefan:

Stefan Avivson, Founder and CEO of BMoreRaw.com is a Danish based serial entrepreneur with an international and commercial focus. With a passion to help startups and business leaders as such, he is currently leading his own bootstrapped startup BMoreRaw.com. Within a year his startup has grown from a one man band show into a growth company with a headcount of 15 having operations in Denmark, Holland, Mexico and now the U.K.

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