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Location: Lytchett House
Contact: Anthony Baines
Phone: 01244722473

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The supply chain industry is where Almiren, a software development company, works. Our newest product, Van Stock Pro, has just been created to aid clients in managing stock levels on their vehicles in the field.
The purpose of our products is to reduce the overall expenses associated with running a fleet of engineering, tradesperson, or property repair vehicles for our clients. Our objective is to decrease three main expenses.

Stock Management:
• We make sure that our clients are aware of the items they have on each vehicle and that they are tracked.
• We ensure that products are only ordered when they are required.
• To prevent overstocking, we ensure that items are kept at a level that is consistent with the data.

Vehicle Management:
• All vehicle health and safety checks are taken care of by our software.
• The booking of work is done in a way that minimizes mileage and downtime.
• Our goal is to lower fuel costs by only keeping stock that is essential and decreasing excess weight.
• Our systems all have an app that covers jobs booking and has built-in tracking and navigation features.

Supplier management:
• Our software is designed to gather supplier information to give you a clear picture of the service you receive.
• To keep your fleet operating at peak levels, we gather data to track costs and service levels.
• To obtain the most competitive price for a product, purchase orders and quote requests are sent and recorded.
• Purchasing is managed to prevent products from being ordered without authorization.

We collaborate with clients to create unique products that use our expertise as a foundation.

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